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Project management ranks as one of the top skill sets in demand by organizations around the world, and becoming more important now than ever before. One-fifth of the world’s GDP, or more than $12 trillion, is already invested in projects and future employment opportunities for project managers is projected for growth in the coming years. During the next few years, many skilled PM practitioners will depart or are scheduled to retire from the workforce — a trend the Society of Human Resources (SHRM) identifies as having a major strategic impact for at least 64% of organizations worldwide —  PMI meets the employment “gap” preparing newly trained and knowledgeable project managers for filling today’s and future demand. Currently there are 700,000 PMI® credential holders around the world, the majority actively participate in every industry, from healthcare, telecommunications and finance to IT and construction and projected world-wide growth in these industries supports the employment trend requiring certified project managers to fill the demand.

Benefits to employers 

The role and major impact of PMI to the your orgisation comes from the course’s strong emphasis placed on ethical training, employers can rely and trust the ethical conduct of project management professionals and equally important, can turn to them for sound professional advice. Worldwide proven results show there is a high level of respect in organization for employees with quality PMP® or CAPM® qualifications, employers feel secure and confident when it comes to the quality of the project manager’s ability and professional knowledge.

Certified project managers can effectively organize the project management process, provide cost-effective enhancement for the successful implementation of projects and programs in your organization, saving both time and money.

Career opportunities 

PMI® certification is a one of the best and most valuable investment in your professional career, and in yourself for career advancement and job security.

Top five reasons to earn a PMI® certification:

  1. Provide an unbiased and reliable means to validate your domain knowledge and professional experience. For over 30 years, PMI® has offered certification and is a globally recognized leader in the industry.
  2. PMI® certification is not tied to any one specific methodology, industry, or region. A PMI® certification can move and adapt with your career.
  3. Competitive advantage. Be more marketable. Many certification holders achieve salary increases, career advancement opportunities and employer recognition.
  4. Emphasize your commitment to professional growth. By earning and maintaining a PMI® certification, you continue to develop your knowledge, skills and abilities.
  5. Demonstrate your relevance with certifications that are developed by practitioners, upheld by rigorous standards, based on ongoing research and always reflect current industry practices
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This program is designed for professionally experienced and new project managers coming from across the organization and most industries and are looking towards making an investment in their future by obtaining the Project Management Professional (PMP®) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) credentials of Project Management Institute (PMI®). 

The Project Management Institute’s (PMI®), that is awarding the PMP® and CAPM® certificates, has established definite eligibility requirements for both credentials aspirants. This program is designed for meeting the requirements needed for either Credential and their respective certification exams.

– (PMP)® is for experienced project manager looking to refresh and increase the level for mastery of the skills, in order to highly stand-out with potential employers and for those wanting to maximize their earning potentials.

– (CAPM)® is for those wanting to successfully have the skills and knowledge required to make the leap or transition to being an experienced project practitioner or as an experienced practitioner needing to validate their commitment to project management, increase levels of responsibility and/or enhance ability for manage larger projects and professionally stand out to potential employers.

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